To put away my sadness,

To open up to the world again.

The only teardrops I’ve cried have been for myself and everyone else

And for your struggle and for all the dreams that are sent

To somewhere else, or weren’t possible at all.

Stay wake!  Stop falling asleep.

Open my eyes and look.

Open my eyes and see.

The world is right here right now and I Am falling asleep.

It is so easy to fall into a land of not knowing. To close my eyes to all that is real and true.

To look the other way.

To toss the only reality I know

Into somewhere I’ve never been.

I hang on to all these things,

And nowhere else is there a tiny bit of solitude. Except despair.

That is not the place I wish to stay. Or visit. But I am here and it is now. So that I had better wake up and stay awake.

For life is passing by

Whether I am in it or not.


-Keirsten Provost


We almost but never quite.

We go a little way and then we slow down.

And then we stop.And then we try again.

Round and round the circle goes

To get off the track takes much power.

Power from within to get without.

And without may be the key.

It unlocks the mystery of the mystery.

The key is in our hand

We know it is.

So if we have the answer why do we not

Just unlock ourselves, our greater selves.

Our fear is real to us

That is to be conquered

Not once but every time.

Every time we hold back and not believe.

Believe in things we don’t believe, Naturally.

The road is ahead and the path is clear,

Why do we not clearly go ahead.

Why do we wish to know what we are to do,

And see the path and not move.


-Keirsten Provost


The angels shine their Light

On my darkness.

They show me my wounds.

They help me find salve,

They tend and they hear me.

Open wide my gates to God.

Be open and vulnerable,

Be ready and willing

To let God in

To save me from my self.

Great is the Way

The Way of Light.

Cobblestones are leading

Me down a path to

Where I know not.

The Light leads me down

The path of Peace I know.


-Keirsten Provost


“Love is the only answer.

There is only one question.

When we learn that

love is all that matters

and everything else is

from fear,

we can lose our anxieties,

our prejudices, our anger,

low self-worth

and our despair.”


– Keirsten Provost


Taking responsibility means never blaming yourself for anything you are being, having or feeling.

You, no one else, creates what goes on in your head.  Until you realize that, you will never be in control of your own life.

Taking responsibility means not blaming yourself.  Anything that takes away your power of your pleasure, makes you a victim.




Sings the soul of he who knows his own heart,

Who knows his own dreams.

He who dreams

His soul sings.

We gather leaves and branches that have fallen from growing trees.

We only pick the dandelions.

We don’t run anymore

Let our spirits soar.

As children we didn’t think, therefore we didn’t spoil,

We didn’t analyze.

We just were and we were just.

Our feelings we did trust.

As we age, we grow shorter and shorter,

Our arms don’t reach for the sky.

The stars are less and less bright,

If we gaze at all into the night.

And all that happens inbetween is there to prepare you

For yet another preparation.

Looking back we can see the trails,

The wake of where our ship sails.


-Keirsten Provost


A flower yet to be budding.

There may be enough rain,

Enough sunshine,

Enough Enough.

But the bud is closed-it is

Not able to push out—to be.

I am sorry for its struggle.

The ground was not rich in nutrients

The soil was hard.

The sand was washed away.

The roots are not secure.

This flower, this soul

Didn’t have the blessing of being


It waves precariously in the wind.

Ready to up root at any circumstance.

It doesn’t know who he is.

He is waiting-not trusting the


Blossom dear bud-push-

Give birth to yourself.


-Keirsten Provost


Before the waterfall tumbled

It didn’t know what lay ahead.

The violence, the chaos, the actual

“fall” that must

Have been a surprise.

An abrupt assault, a jolt.

Then as I watch the water “settle” after the fall it gradually

Calms and stills.

The process is of blissfully going along

unawares of the pending fall.

The Fall.

Then the quiet calming and continuing

journey. Survival and moving on.

Of knowing the art of picking

oneself up again.

The surprise is not knowing

of the surprises.

Not knowing of the chaos

and shattering and spilling

That there will always be still waters.

Be still. Be calm.

But know that there will be falls

And we will again pick ourselves up again.


-Keirsten Provost