Individual counselling is exactly what it says it is: it’s you and me.  It’s one-on- one counselling.  You are present with me by yourself and we are working as a team to resolve and discover new options and perspectives and solutions. Together, we explore new opportunities, new initiatives, new thinking, and your desires for feeling better and to have better relationships with others, and most importantly: with yourself.

Marital or Couple

Marital or Couple Counselling is for couples who find themselves in a situation where they need “together” counselling.  Issues could include an out-of-marriage affair, unresolved past relationships and issues, childhood hurts and wounds, etc.  The couple either has specific issues that need healing, or they simply need to “tune-up” their relationship.

Separation and/or Divorce

Separation and divorce is reality for many people.  During this difficult time people experience sadness, trauma, anger, confusion and a sense of loss or shattered dreams.  Self esteem issues rise up, custody issues must be dealt with and splitting of finances causes stress.  Those divorcing must face legal challenges and be involved, perhaps for their first time in their lives, in the court system.  At this time, it is very helpful and healthy to have a safe and caring emotional support system in place.

Corporate: Grief at School and in the Workplace

Following the death of an immediate family member, most workplaces only provide employees with three days compassionate leave with pay.  Research shows that people who are grieving have difficulty concentrating, are not as productive, and struggle to cope with everyday issues. This is true, too, for children who are grieving a death, divorce, or even a move from a familiar neighbourhood. People who are trained and accustom to dealing with death, such as those working as caregivers in the health-care field, struggle with loss and grief from time-to-time when someone they have been caring for dies.

Relationships and/or Families

All of us have many different relationships.  We have couple relationships, family relationships, ex-relationships, coworkers, neighbour relationships, friendships, and child relationships.  Sometimes, we need to work a particular issue out, revolve conflict or just enhance an already good relationship.

Couples Therapy



Individuals Therapy